Note 5 Rom for your Galaxy Note 4!

Galaxy Note 4 Roms.

Thining to buy the Galaxy Note 5,but want SD support and removable battery,try the DN5 Rom on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Everything is working out of the box, you also get a lot of the Note 5 features .

The latest DN5 actually runs very smooth, fast and you will be able to experience Note 5 features like the new air command window and Screen Off Memo, You also get the S6 Edge features such as App and People Edge!


Download ODIN

For SM-N10G:

Download Bootloader/Modem (For SM-N910G)

Download Note 5 Rom (For SM-N910G)


For SM-N10F

Download Bootloader/Modem (For SM-N910F)

Download Note 5 Rom (For SM-N910F)


For SM-N10T:

Download Bootloader/Modem (For SM-N910T)

Download Note 5 Rom (For SM-N910T)

Please Follow the Instructions carefully and if you have any doubts ,watch the video carefully!